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What is ASMADE (ShenZhen) Technology Co., LTD?

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ASMADE (ShenZhen) Technology Co., LTD : Advanced Semiconductor Made comes from the founder's tireless dedication to the precision manufacturing industry.

The ASMADE (ShenZhen) Technology Co., LTD  team aims to improve the semiconductor manufacturing process by manufacturing more precise equipment, and further enhance the high performance of equipment through the application of the semiconductor industry.

Shenzhen Asmade Semiconductor Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacturing of high-precision semiconductor equipment. We are positioned to provide overall solutions for semiconductor packaging processes, conducting specialized research on the technical and process challenges faced by semiconductor solidification, testing, bonding, and repair processes, and have achieved multiple technological breakthroughs. The company has nearly 100 patents and software copyrights, and over 20 invention patents. Our products serve packaging enterprises using Mini LED COB technology and precision fitting 3C enterprises.

Shenzhen Asmade Semiconductor TechnologyCo.,Ltd. ASMADE (ShenZhen) Technology Co., LTD  has made significant breakthroughs in high-speed and high-precision chip loading and bonding. The actual bonding error is less than 0.01mm, and the straight-through yield is greater than 99.99%. Due to the improvement of precision and yield, the spacing between chips can be greatly reduced, making mass production of Mini LED possible, which has a disruptive impact on the packaging processes such as crystal solidification and detection in the production process of Mini LED.

We provide not only equipment but also a comprehensive COB solution for semiconductor applications. Through in-depth research on yield, micro spacing, and process efficiency issues faced by the Mini LED process, and through countless experiments, we have successfully implemented a smart flip chip COB production line solution, greatly improving production efficiency and yield. Our products are widely used in the LED full backlight industry of high-resolution Mini LED commercial displays and LCD displays.

ASMADE (ShenZhen) Technology Co., LTD people believes that this is just a starting point for the semiconductor industry. In the future, we will devote ourselves to the semiconductor industry with greater determination and perseverance to help promote the flourishing development of technology, and strive to become a global advanced semiconductor equipment and service provider! To contribute technological strength for the better life of humanity, so that consumers around the world can enjoy the happy life transmitted by ASMADE (ShenZhen) Technology Co., LTD .

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